With the development of technology, in the past couple of years, a new type of electronic cigarette technology, heat not burn technology, is becoming more and more popular in the E-cigarette industry.

While, what is the heat not burn technology, or called tobacco heating technology indeed?
What is the difference between this type of electronic cigarette and traditional cigarettes and E-liquid atomizing technology?

Today we are going to talk about what is heating and not burning electronic cigarettes.

For traditional cigarettes, we have to fire and combust the tobacco in high temperature up to 900 centigrades.

And for E-liquid electronic cigarette, the heating coil heats the liquid with nicotine and flavors and then generate vapor.

Instead, the main feature of the heat not burn technology is the heating element heats the tobacco in a much lower temperature around 350 centigrade and generates vapor, then users can puff and enjoy it.

The tobacco is precisely heated by temperature control technology, at which the aromatic substances and nicotine contained in the tobacco can become out, and form vapor.

Generally, people use ordinary cigarettes at a temperature of 500 to 900 centigrades, which produce a lot of harmful substances, such as carbon monoxide, tar, etc. While the temperature of the heat not burn device or tobacco heating system is controlled at about 350 centigrades. It meets the smokers’ feeling of smoking, but with much less harmful substances.

How about the advantages?

No fire, no combustion, and much less harmful substance.
Similar feeling of smoking to the traditional cigarette;
Much less affection to your teeth, fingers, and disgusting flavor in the mouth;
No need to worry about the flame and ash, much less pollution to the environment.

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