heat not burning tobacco products are electronic devices that heat tobacco and produce an inhalable aerosol,instead of burning tobacco like traditional cigarettes.heat not burning products are different form e-cigarettes because they use real tobacco,not the flavored liquid nicotine typically found in e-cigarettes.

The concept behind heat not burning is that it allows users to experience something that looks and feels like smoking a regular cigarette.And heat not burning products are less harmful than cigarettes because when tobacco burns or combusts,it produces more than 7,000 chemicals that are found in cigarette smoke.Many of these chemicals cause or can cause harm to both smokers and nonsmokers.

IUOC heat not burning smoking device

IUOC heat not burning smoking device uses exterior heating technology to heat the scent of cigarettes out,which can reduce the harmful components in tobacco mostly.And IUOC is the only heat without burning product that can support regular cigarettes in market around the world.

350℃ is recognized as the best temperature to crack the tobacco.Under the temperature 350℃,the tobacco’s natural scents can be heated out and the taste is the best.According to the scientific research,when the cigarette is lit,the center temperature can reach at least 800℃ and the promoting carcinogen will show up during the temperature 500-700℃,the carcinogen will show up under the temperature 700-900℃.Thus under the temperature 350℃,the harmful components in tobacco can be reduced mostly.

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