Reuters reports that Hunter’s bill would exempt e-cigarettes devices from many of the FDA’s regulations, including requirement that new e-cigarettes products be reviewed and approved by the FDA before entering the market. This is also an additional bill, not to be confused with the Cole-Bishop proposal introduced by Tom Cole of Oklahoma and Democrat Sanford Bishop of Georgia. Hunter’s bill goes even further than the Cole-Bishop bill as it brings the regulation of the vaping industry to a complete stop.

The Cigarette Smoking Reduction and Electronic Vapor Alternatives Act establishes new standards for e-liquids, stating that one year after enactment that all e-liquids, and vaping devices, would have to meet manufacturing standards established by the bill. It also would require the FDA to consider harm reduction within the terms outlined by the Tobacco Control Act.

The FDA deeming rules went into effect on Aug. 8, 2016 and required any e-cigarettes product brought to market after Feb. 15, 2020, get approval from the FDA within two years. Products that were already being sold in the marketplace before that date would have grandfathered status and not subject to regulation.

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