The new product is due to be made available from next month through retail outlets in Japan, which was chosen as the launch market because it is seen as being a global leader for innovation.

glo™, which heats rather than burns tobacco, is said to provide a similar experience to that of a standard cigarette. However, heating rather than burning the tobacco is said to deliver a cleaner experience with around 90 percent ‘less toxicants’ than are delivered by a standard cigarette.

The new product was described in a noted posted on BAT’s website as a truly innovative product that was designed in the UK, involving over 100 experts across five continents including scientists, engineers, designers, tobacco experts and toxicologists’.

‘The “one unit, one button” device is simple and intuitive, with one single charge lasting more than 30 sessions based on back-to-back usage.’

“We are absolutely committed to inspiring products and that’s why we are continuously innovating and offering consumers fantastic choices,” Kingsley Wheaton, MD of Next heat not burning Products at BAT, was quoted as saying.

“Following an extensive program of research and development, glo™ has been developed by our leading scientists and experts. BAT has invested over USD$1billion in the last five years in the development, scale-up and launch of next generation products.”

glo™ is said to heat proprietary Kent Neostiks™ to about 240 Celsius to provide a highly satisfying taste, similar to that of a cigarette, but with about 90 percent ‘less toxicants’.

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