There is a dichotic consistency in the e-cigarettes industry—there continues to be no shortage of good news/bad news ringing in both ears. Here are the latest snippets:

The device comes with a maintenance kit, charger and two mouthpieces, and it has a two-year limited warranty. The Pax 2 is available in charcoal and platinum finishes in a brushed, anodized aluminum shell.

In other e-cigarettes industry headlines, a partnership was formed between Enovap—developer of what the company claims to be “the world’s first smart personal e-cigarettes,” which is able to automatically and manually control nicotine delivery—and The Blinc Group incubator. The plan is to introduce Enovap’s technology to investors and strengthen its presence in the U.S. market.“Enovap is aiming for a fast commercial expansion of its vaping product in the U.S.,” says Alexandre Scheck, CEO of Enovap.The union is “the chance for us to share our experience and knowledge on vaping and learn from the ongoing U.S. research on vaping and cannabis,” adds The Blinc Group’s advisory board member Marie Harang-Eltz. ”We are looking forward to meeting scientists, key opinion leaders and companies to conduct more effective research in this area to help in the development of better nicotine- and cannabis-delivery vaping technologies.”

Arnaud Dumas de Rauly, chief strategy officer of The Blinc Group, says, “Enovap represents a game-changing technology with regards to harm reduction, and its applications are infinite, ranging from traditional vaping all the way to medicinal marijuana delivery as well as traditional drug delivery.”
There continues to be an outpouring of negative press surrounding faulty e-cigarettes devices and the lawsuits against retailers who sell them. As one example, in August a local New Hampshire news outlet reported that Dana Albee, a 19-year-old woman from the town of Brookline, New Hampshire, is suing GPe-cigarettes in Merrimack, New Hampshire. In the lawsuit, Albee says that GPe-cigarettes sold her a e-cigarettes product that allegedly exploded in 2015, causing severe burns to her face, mouth, thigh and hands.

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